Host Families

About Host family

Host families provide accommodation and support to international students or exchange students, who are looking to live in a different country or community. We are keen to welcome new Host family members! Join us.

The services offered by host families can vary, but they generally include:


Host families provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the individual staying with them. This may include a private bedroom or shared living space.


Host families often provide meals for the individual, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This allows the person staying with them to experience the local cuisine and helps create a sense of belonging.

Cultural Exchange

Living with a host family provides an opportunity for cultural exchange. The host family shares their culture, traditions, and customs with the individual, allowing them to learn and immerse themselves in a new culture.

Emotional Support

Host families offer emotional support and a sense of belonging. They help the individual adapt to their new environment, offering guidance and assistance as needed.

Integration into the Community

Host families often help the individual integrate into the local community. They may introduce them to community events, activities, and organizations, enabling them to build connections and friendships.

Language Practice

For individuals learning a new language, living with a host family provides an opportunity to practice and improve language skills. Host families can offer conversation practice and language support.

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