Student Services

Canada Spark provides various services and support to international students in Canada. Our goal is to assist students in their transition to studying and living in a new country. 


Canada Spark assists students in finding suitable accommodation options during their stay in Canada.

Orientation and pre-departure support

We offer orientation activities and workshops to help students become familiar with Canadian culture, academic expectations, and local customs. We also provide guidance on health care, insurance, banking arrangements, and other practical matters.

On-site support

Once students arrive in Canada, Canada Spark continues to offer support and assistance throughout their study abroad experience. This can include organizing social events and activities to foster cultural exchange and providing advice on local resources.

Guardianship support

For underage students or those in need of additional care, Canada Spark provides guardianship services to ensure they have a responsible adult supporting them during their studies.

International cultural exchange activities

Canada Spark facilitates various cultural exchange activities and seasonal camp programs, enabling students to engage with Canadian culture, interact with the local community, and participate in unique experiences.

Services Details

Canada Spark provides pre-arrival support to help students prepare for their journey to Canada:

  • guidance on visa application processes, travel arrangements, and packing tips
  • information on Canadian culture, education system, and available resources

Upon arrival in Canada, Canada Spark offer settlement services to ensure a smooth transition for students:

  • airport pickup 
  • opening bank accounts, obtaining personal identification documents
  • navigating the local community

Canada Spark organizes orientation and information sessions to familiarize students with their new environment, providing information on topics such as:

  • academic expectations, campus facilities, and transportation options
  • healthcare services and safety guidelines
  • guidance on finding part-time jobs
  • exploring recreational activities in Canada

Canada Spark understands the importance of academic success for international students. We offer a variety of academic services:

  • study skills workshops, tutoring, and access to educational resources
  • information on academic advising, course selection, and university policies

To foster a sense of community and help students build social connections, Canada Spark organizes social and cultural events to give students the opportunity to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds and experience Canadian culture:

  • networking events and opportunities
  • multicultural celebrations
  • outings to local attractions

Canada Spark recognizes the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health. We offer information on healthcare services in Canada, including:

  • accessing medical insurance
  • finding a family doctor
  • how to seek counseling support
  • resources for promoting wellness and managing stress

As students approach graduation, Canada Spark may offer career development services to help them transition into the workforce. This includes:

  • resume writing workshops
  • interview preparation
  • job search assistance
  • networking opportunities with potential employers

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